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Bring Your Plans to Life with Dirig Design, Inc.

AutoCAD Drafting & Field Dimensioning Services

Dirig Design, Inc. is a drafting service company experienced in commercial and residential millwork shop drawings, cabinet production drawings, field dimensioning, and more. Using AutoCAD 2016 and state of the art laser measuring tools, Dirig Design, Inc. has what it takes to get the job done right!


Commitment to excellence is foremost at Dirig Design, Inc. Our goal is to provide our customers with accurate, complete drawings and services to help your business succeed!

Why Our Customers Love Us

Latest Technology

We use the latest versions of the industry's leading drafting software.

Custom Production

Most of the work we do is custom, meaning you get what you want.

Speedy Communication

We keep you in the loop, and respond to you quickly.

In-House Work

All of our work is done from our office in Upstate NY. No outsourcing!

If you're looking into outsourcing your drafting needs, look no further! With Dirig Design, Inc:

•   Know your profits with set drawing costs.

•   There's no need to hire full-time employees for your part-time needs.

•   Avoid the high cost of training new employees in complex, expensive engineering software.

•   Get extra help with your projects when you need it most!

Why Our Customers Trust Us

Where You've Seen Us

Where You Can See Our Work

Check Out Our Work

We've done work for projects ranging in budgets from thousands of dollars to millions. All of our work is done by our team of professional drafters from our office in Upstate NY. Here are a few samples of what we can do for you.







Our Services





Happy Clients

Projects Live

Projects Complete

Happy Employees

Architectural Drawings

Floor Plans


Renovation Detailing

Template File Creation


Dimension Styles

Multileader Styles

Text Styles

Annotative Text Styles

Layout Page Setup

Profile Setup

Millwork Shop Drawings

Kitchen & Bathroom Cabinetry




Custom Cabinetry

Blocks & Dynamic Blocks

Custom Block Libraries

Dynamic Block Libraries

Dynamic Block Creation

Product Line Drawings

Repetitive Products

3D Laser Templating

On-site Laser Templating

Custom .DXF Exports

Field Dimensioning

Accurate Laser Measuring

Field Verification

Title Block Creation

Letter Title Blocks

Legal Title Blocks

Tabloid Title Blocks

Arch D Title Blocks

Arch E Title Blocks

Custom Title Blocks

Meet the Team

607 - 988 - 4040

PO Box 84 - Wells Bridge NY 13859

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